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Advocate & Gochis Galleries are located at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza, 1125 N. McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Gallery hours are 6pm-10pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday. Private viewings Monday-Friday 10am-6pm are available upon request via artprograms@lalgbtcenter.org. Most artwork is available for purchase: please visit the Village Ticket Booth to inquire. At least 50% of all sale proceeds benefit the free and low cost services of the Los Angeles LGBT Center.


IMG_1757.JPGJune 17 - August 6


WE CAN BE HEROES is a participatory public mural experience for the Trans* and broader queer community. In our second year, we asked six transgender youth (three new participants and three mentors returning from last year) who are both clients of the Los Angeles LGBT Center and budding artists to select pioneers in the transgender community and create portraits for the WE CAN BE HEROES mural. These heroes had to be someone they connected with but ideally someone they knew little about prior to this project. In creating these portraits, they spent time getting to know these mostly historical figures. Each has contributed in some way to the development of today’s transgender community and culture. For these youth (all under 25 years of age and struggling with homelessness), learning about their cultural heritage helps give them context to their world. This selection of transgender individuals is by no means an exhaustive list of the heroes of the community. They represent a cross-section of those who came before, that spoke to the youth involved in some way.

During the weekend of TransPride LA, we invite the public to help paint the mural backgrounds, helping to complete the stories. The finished products are infused with the talent, love, support and passion of the whole community. Throughout the event, the participating youth help guide the public in painting the backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to discuss their subjects with attendees and educate people on lesser known Trans* history. Our youth become community leaders in the process, empowered with knowledge of the community’s history and, for most, experience the first exhibition of their work.

The format for WE CAN BE HEROES is adapted from an earlier public mural project of contemporary artist and Glendale Community College Professor David John Attyah's, entitled "Portraits and Stories," developed in collaboration with international muralist Xavier Ringer. Portraits and Stories was first conducted in the Dominican Republic in November 2014 as "Retratos y Historias en la Republica Dominicana." Attyah and Ringer developed this unique approach to public murals with multiple goals: to foreground community leaders and role models, to feature the vision of diverse local artists, and to engage the public at collaborative painting events with the artist themselves. The goal is to foster lively conversation among history, art and the community, and to generate meaningful interactions around the creative act of painting. Attyah and Ringer are so honored to see Portraits and Stories so effectively adapted to the history and vision of Trans* youth in Los Angeles. -Katie Poltz Curator, Advocate & Gochis Galleries


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Encore presentation by AC Gallery (formerly Artists Corner), World of Wonder and The Advocate & Gochis Galleries
Originally shown at Photo L.A., sponsored by Fabrik, Artillery and West Hollywood Magazines

face.jpgAugust 13 - September 24
Opening Reception: Friday, August 13, 7-9pm


ROUND HOLE SQUARE PEG, the first LGBTQ international exhibition to appear at PHOTO LA, debuted in 2014. The January 2016 PHOTO LA Exhibition and it's move to the Artists Corner Gallery, was the second iteration of the show, developed and curated by Phil Tarley.

ROUND HOLE SQUARE PEG has two parts: photo artists selected from international submissions by a jury of queer photography gallerists and critics that include Paul Bridgewater (New York), Bert Green (Chicago), Jonathan D. Katz (New York), Valda Lake (Los Angeles) and Rick Perez (San Francisco). The second part of the show is a curated invitational.

Katie Poltz,, curator for the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Advocate & Gochis Gallery, has selected her favorite pieces for the installation presented at The Advocate & Gochis Galleries.


       “Queer identity is not simply a sexual one. Queer artists have a perspective and an experience to contribute to society that is wholly their own and it’s a rich and worldly one.  Having been marginalized and alienated for so long has developed a unique view of self worth, self image, spirituality, joy and companionship.”

PHIL TARLEY is a Fellow of The American Film Institute, an artist member of The Los Angeles Art Association, a filmmaker, a curator and an art critic.   Tarley writes features and cover stories about contemporary art, pop culture and photography for print and web magazines.  He curates  at the A C Gallery in Los Angeles and founded Round Hole Square Peg, a biannual, international survey of LGBTQ photography  shown at the AC Gallery at Photo LA.  Tarley's personal series of political and ethnographic videos is housed in the permanent collection of the New York Public Library and has screened in film festivals and museums like the American Film Institute, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.   In 2009, under his nom de porn, Phil St. John, Tarley was inducted into the Gay Porn Hall of Fame for his twenty-year producing and directing career.    His writing and photography have also appeared in the LA Times, the LA Weekly, The WOW Report, Adventure Journal, the Advocate, Frontiers, Adult Video News, Genre, Instinct  and American Photo Magazine.  He writes  editorial articles for Fabrik Magazine's print edition and The Critical Eye, a web-based art blog for Fabrik  Web. 

To submit a proposal to exhibit in the Galleries, please send an artist’s statement and samples of your work to artprograms@lalgbtcenter.org.